Pixy Stix, the popular powdered candy started out as a drink.

In America we love sweets and candy is a booming industry.  There are a lot of great vintage candy brands that we are still enjoying today.  One popular item that was invented in the 1950’s is Pixy Stix.  The unique powdered candy that comes in a paper straw was invented in 1952 in St. Louis.  It was produced by a company called Sunline, Inc.  Pixy Stix started out in the late 1930’s as a powdered drink mix called Frutola and it was meant to be mixed with water.  But when the company owner, John Fish Smith, discovered that kids were eating the powder straight out of the package he decided to sell it that way as a candy, changing the name first to Fruzola, and then to Pixy Stix.

Pixy Stix later gave way to the creation of Lik-M-Aid and Sweet Tarts, which were the same product but in a solid form rather than powder.  Sunline, Inc. was eventually sold to Rowntree Mackintosh, which was later purchased by Nestle.  Pixie Stix are available today under Nestle’s Wonka brand and kids are still enjoying the sweet-tart sugar rush.