Bubble wrap began as an accident and ended up being as popular for fun as it is for packing material.

Everybody probably knows that bubble wrap serves an important purpose, other than sheer fun of popping those bubbles!  While the contents that are beneath the bubble wrap are usually the highlight of opening a package, it seems like no one can resist squeezing that cushioned plastic right away to hear that familiar pop.  Bubble wrap is another 1950’s innovation that is still in use today.  Did you know that it was created by accident?

It started in 1957 when inventors and engineers Alfred Fielding and Marc Chavannes were trying to create a three-dimensional plastic wallpaper.  They began by sealing together two shower curtins, creating small air bubbles.  When they didn’t succeed with the wallpaper, they decided to market it as greenhouse insulation.  The two men created Sealed Air Corporation in 1960 and it was a year later that they discovered it was perfect for packing and shipping.  Their first client was IBM, who used the bubble wrap to protect their computers.

Nowadays we use bubble wrap for fun and stress relief in addition to protecting delicate items.  The product has become so cherished for its unintended purpose that the last Monday of every January has been designated as Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day.