The times and prices may have changed but 50’s diner food remains a classic.

Classic diners are called “classic” for a reason; because even as time passes the charm and nostalgia of a diner endures.  At Gunther Toody’s we’re celebrating 50’s diner food, and diner culture, every day of the week.  From our menu to our décor, we honor this unique symbol of American ingenuity and prosperity.

Here’s a look at 50’s diner food that graced the pages of just about every menu, and that are still considered a favorite today.  We’ve included the typical prices of the time, just because we know you’ll be amazed!  The prices may have increased, but our love for the dishes has stayed strong! We’re serving all of these items at Gunther Toody’s because we don’t mess with the classics!


Hot Cakes                                            35 cents

Waffles                                                  35 cents

Eggs Made to Order                        50 cents

BLT Sandwich                                   50 cents

Burger and Fries                              65 cents

Grilled Cheese Sandwich              20 cents

Blue Plate Specials                          50 cents

Meat Loaf Sandwich                       50 cents

Bowl of Chili                                       35 cents

Chef Salad                                           50 cents

Milkshakes and Malteds               25 cents

Brownie a la Mode                          30 cents


50's diner food

Celebrate 50’s diner food with a delicious burger and fries at Gunther Toody’s!