From chicken to pasta and chocolate to asparagus, keep reading to find out more about America’s favorite food.

What is your favorite food?  Do you flip for pizza?  Or can you not get enough burgers? If you turn to beef as your favorite then you’re in good company.  A recent study concluded that steak is America’s favorite food.

Researchers polled 1,300 men and women from around the country about their favorite foods.  It turns out that we love our protein in this country.  Besides steak coming in at the top spot, chicken came in at number 2, bacon at number 7, and corned beef at number 8.

We love our cheese too, evident with mozzarella finishing at number 6 on the list.  Breakfast foods are also favorites, but you may be surprised to learn that waffles finished ahead of pancakes at number 4.  But who could blame anyone, waffles are a favorite at Gunther Toody’s, especially when topped with fresh strawberries.

We’re a little surprised that burgers made the list at number 13, it seems like America’s favorite sandwich deserves to be in the top five at least.  At Gunther Toody’s we’re known for our burgers and fries and offer 13 different types, all at a great price.  Come in and dine with us soon, we’re serving up many of America’s favorites in a fun classic diner atmosphere!

America's favorite food

Waffles came in at number 4 on the list of America’s favorite food. Come try ours for breakfast at Gunther Toody’s!