A sandwich makes the perfect breakfast in Denver.

We can probably all agree that sandwiches are one of the most perfect foods.  They come in endless varieties, nearly every culture has their own versions, and they contain everything you need for a complete meal.  Sandwiches aren’t just great for lunch, they also make the perfect breakfast in Denver and around the world.

While all the ingredients for a popular breakfast meal (eggs, bread, cheese, etc.) have been around for a very long time, Americans started eating them together as a breakfast sandwich in the 19th century.  It became very popular after the Civil War and was the breakfast of choice for American pioneers when the country was expanding west.  The first recipe for a “breakfast sandwich” was in a cookbook published in 1897.

Since then the breakfast sandwich has become a category of its own.  The Egg McMuffin was invented in the late 1960’s by McDonald’s franchisee Herb Peterson and introduced nationwide in 1972.  This could perhaps be the most well-known breakfast sandwich in the world and certainly the choice of many people for breakfast in Denver.

Breakfast sandwiches come in so many forms including on bagels, croissants, English muffins, and biscuits.  At Gunther Toody’s our popular Fried Egg Dagwood sandwich features a bun filled with two fried eggs, ham, bacon, American and Swiss cheese, sliced tomato, and comes with hashbrowns on the side.  At just $7.49 it is a perfect choice for a delicious, affordable breakfast in Denver.  Gunther Toody’s has locations in Denver and Colorado Springs and we’re here for all your breakfast, lunch and dinner needs!


breakfast in Denver

You’ve got to try the Fried Egg Dagwood for breakfast in Denver!