Burgers and Milkshakes Restaurant In Denver, CO

Looking for a unique Milkshakes experience in Denver? Would you like to take a step back into time? Well, if you are looking for some style from the 1950’s, why not try Gunther Toody’s diner for Rich experience of Milkshakes in Denver. They bring you to another time dimension and make your eating experience lots of […]

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Gunther Toody’s – Denver’s Finest Classic Diner

Are you looking for delicious food in a family-friendly atmosphere for diner in Denver ? Well, look no further! Step into Gunther Toody’s restaurant and step back in time to the fun and energetic 1950’s. Located in Denver, Gunther Toody’s has been serving up the classics since 1986. Specializing in classic American food in an […]

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Fundraising Nights at Gunther Toody’s

One of the things that we at Gunther Toody’s are proud of is that we support our community and local schools. We do this by hosting fundraising nights and community events at each of our locations for schools, non-profits and other groups in our communities.

We take pride in supporting our local schools, organizations and non-profits and […]

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Mimosas, Bloody Marys and California Suns

Come Enjoy Your Favorite Classic Brunch Cocktails
Whatever your palate, you’ll likely find that your brunch menu isn’t quite complete without a delicious and refreshing drink. So, what are the most common brunch beverages? The all-time favorites for Denver brunch-goers are Mimosas, Bloody Mary’s, and California Suns. […]

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National Irish Coffee Day

The Irish are know for a few things; their drinking, their music, and their coffee. You haven’t ever really associated Ireland with coffee? Well, you definitely should, and what better time to familiarize yourself with the Irish’s java than National Irish Coffee Day? January 25th is officially National Irish Coffee Day, and whether you’re a native to Ireland, stopping by for a visit, or just happen to be a coffee addict who needs an excuse for having yet another cup of joe before noon, this holiday is a great way to try out something new. […]

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Kids & Family Friendly Restaurants in Denver CO

Children Love the Transporting Back to the 50’s at Gunther Toody’s!
Are you looking for a great kid & family friendly restaurants Denver? How about a place with a little character on the side? Bring your kids to Gunther Toody’s family fun restaurant. […]

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Best Brunch in Denver

Gunther Toody’s has been serving the best brunch in Denver since 1986. Our regulars love the variety of menu items along with the low cost of dining. This American classic diner is maintained by staff members who go the extra mile to make every customer feel happy. […]

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Gunther Toody’s is one of the Best Restaurants in Colorado Springs

In Colorado Springs, there is only one restaurant that you need to check out and that is Gunther Toody’s. We are considered one of the best restaurants in Colorado Springs because of the quality they offered. Gunther Toody’s is a family restaurant that offers all sorts of American cuisine in a fun and safe environment for families. The food is one-of-a-kind, offering real flavor with every bite. From burgers to sandwiches, there is something there for everyone, even the pickiest of eaters. […]

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Classic Cocktail History: The Bloody Mary

We Serve the Best Bloody Mary in Denver
The Bloody Mary is a classic American cocktail: perfect for breakfast or brunch, any time a spicy little pick-me-up is needed. It takes one to know one, so those who are seeking the best Bloody Mary in Denver need look no further than Gunther Toody’s Diner. Gunther Toody’s is another well-known an American classic, just like the best Bloody Mary in Denver they’ve been serving up for nearly 30 years. […]

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The Classic American Diner: A Brief History

A Staple of American Culture
In movies, sitcoms and art, the American diner has offered a backdrop to the hustle and bustle of life. They’re a place to find an inexpensive warm meal, meet with friends or simply pause for a brief respite over a cup of coffee and a slice of pie. Diners are quintessentially American. […]

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