Best Breakfast Dishes for New Year’s Day

After celebrating long past midnight, what are the best breakfast dishes you like to eat to start the New Year off right?
Having a leisurely breakfast or brunch on New Year’s Day is a favorite tradition with many people.  After a very long night of celebrating, we like to enjoy a hearty meal after sleeping in […]

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Classic Cocktail History: Tom and Jerry

Chase the winter chill away with a Tom and Jerry, a classic holiday cocktail that’s related to eggnog.

The Tom and Jerry cocktail is a traditional Christmas drink that has historically been very popular in the Mid-West region, particularly Wisconsin and Minnesota. However, it is virtually unknown in other parts of the country.  A Tom and Jerry is […]

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Why Do We Hang Christmas Stockings?

The answer to the question, why do we hang Christmas stockings, is lost to history but legends attempt to tell the story.


We all know how the story goes; “The stockings were hung by the chimney with care…”  But have you ever wondered exactly why do we hang Christmas stockings?

There are actually no written records regarding […]

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Unique Christmas Food from Around the World

Unique Christmas Food from Around the World
How does fried worms or whale blubber sound for the holiday table?  You won’t believe some unique Christmas food that is enjoyed around the world.
What do you enjoy for Christmas dinner? Do you stay with the traditional and enjoy turkey, ham or prime rib? Or is your holiday tradition something very different […]

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December 17 is National Maple Syrup Day

Did you know that maple syrup contains calcium, potassium, iron and other vitamins?  Keep reading to learn more and celebrate National Maple Syrup Day with pancakes tomorrow at Gunther Toody’s!

What would pancakes (or hotcakes as we call them at Gunther Toody’s) be without maple syrup?  Not nearly as tasty, right?  December 17th is National Maple […]

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What are Your Favorite Classic Diner Dishes

When it comes to classic diner dishes do you always order the chicken fried steak, or is it all about the burgers and fries?
Classic diners like Gunther Toody’s are known for serving hearty, American comfort food.  Whether an establishment sticks to traditional recipes or offers new interpretations of classic diner dishes, the food is at […]

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Breakfast in Denver vs. Around the World

Breakfast in Denver might mean a burrito or a bagel, but how do people start the day around the world?
What do you eat for breakfast in Denver?  Do you like a bowl of cereal?  Or is a bagel more your style?  Or do you keep it healthy with a bowl of oatmeal?  These are easy […]

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The Importance of the Classic Diner

The classic diner helped shaped the modern restaurant industry and remains a American cultural icon.
You may have noticed that the classic diner is an endangered species in the restaurant world.  At one time the familiar shiny rail-car style diners were found all around the country, but now their numbers have dwindled and many have been […]

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Find a World of Flavor at Restaurants in Colorado Springs

It’s not just fast food and national chains, local restaurants in Colorado Springs have a lot to offer.
Did you know that there is a thriving food scene in Colorado Springs?  Denver gets a lot of local and national attention as a foodie destination, but there are a lot of amazing restaurants in Colorado Springs as […]

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How to Pick a Healthy Breakfast in a Restaurant

Want to cut a few calories during the holidays?  Ask for egg whites or try some of these other tips to help you pick a healthy breakfast in a restaurant.
The holiday season is officially here and for most of us that means a LOT of indulging!  Be it with candy, cookies, drinks, cheese, or gravy, most […]

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