The History of the Jack-o’-Lantern is Rooted in Irish Legend

The first jack-o’-lanterns were carved from turnips and potatoes and were meant to ward off the ghost of an Irish folk legend.
During this time of year children and adults alike delight in carving pumpkins.  Surely you’ve been seeing them proudly displayed on porches and in windows the last few weeks.  Carving a jack-o’-lantern is a […]

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The History of Family Restaurants

The rise in family restaurants started after World War II and has grown into an important part of the food service industry.
Family restaurants are a major part of the food industry.  Millions of parents look for places where they can bring their children to get an affordable meal in a relaxed atmosphere.  While at one […]

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Delicious Waffle Trivia

Did you know those famous frozen toaster waffles were invented in 1953?  Keep reading for more waffle trivia.
Waffles, the crispy delight with more surface area on the outside then on the inside, have been an American breakfast favorite for decades.  While most of us today probably think of waffles as either a frozen food, or […]

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Six Reasons Why You Need Sweet Potato Fries

Why save them for the holiday table when you can enjoy sweet potato fries any day of the year?
It used to be that French fries were nearly the only option as a side dish to your burger.  And sweet potatoes used to appear on the dinner table almost exclusively during the holidays.  But now the […]

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Denver Attractions to Enjoy this Fall

There is plenty of local fun to enjoy this Fall with a gorilla run, arts week and a big costume party among the popular Denver attractions.
Fall has officially arrived in the Denver area and it is gorgeous!  The leaves are turning the beautiful gold and orange colors, Halloween decorations are up, there is a definite […]

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October 18 is National Chocolate Cupcake Day

You have probably noticed that cupcakes have been enjoying the spotlight for about a decade now.  Wall Street has been saying for a few years that the gourmet cupcake trend is officially over, but most people would probably disagree with them as there are still a lot of popular cupcake shops enjoying a successful business.  So […]

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Classic Cocktail History: The Mimosa

Did an acclaimed American director invent the mimosa, or is it just the cousin of a cocktail born in London?

It’s hard to think about brunch without a mimosa, the two things just go hand-in-hand.  Many brunch spots offer bottomless mimosas or even serve one drink complimentary.  There is just something about the refreshing combination of […]

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Pancakes Around the World

Pancakes are a breakfast favorite in America.  Any family friendly restaurant offering breakfast is bound to have them on the menu.  Naturally we serve them at Gunther Toody’s, we just call them hotcakes.  Usually hotcakes are a bit thinner, but larger in diameter, than traditional pancakes.  Our hotcakes come in your choice of buttermilk or […]

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October is National Apple Month

Be sure to eat one a day and keep the doctor away during National Apple Month.
Apples are a big favorite in this country, especially in the form of pie!  In fact, apple pie has become known as a symbol of American prosperity and national pride.  October is National Apple Month, so what better way to […]

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Did you Hear the Buzz? Today is National Coffee Day!

A lot of us celebrate coffee every day as we sip our morning cup (or two!).  But September 29 is actually National Coffee Day.  Coffee is an ancient product that fuels our modern lives, not to mention a HUGE global industry.  Coffee culture has grown by leaps and bounds in this country and millions of […]

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