Hamburger Restaurants in Denver

classic hamburgers in Denver

The specialty of hamburger restaurants!

Hamburger restaurants abound, but they are not all created equally.

Demystifying the hamburger.

Are you hungry for a great hamburger but are tired of the same old fast food fair? There are tons of burger joints to choose from, but not all beef is created equal. The secret to great burgers is, of course, the beef! The best burgers are made of 100% USDA ground beef, and are always made fresh upon order.


Speed doesn’t mean quality.

Ever wonder why fast food places get you your food so quickly? The reason is simple: much of the food you order is prepared ahead of time. Beef patties come pre-made and frozen, and then cooked in assembly lines for quick turn-around.

The result might be fast delivery, but taste suffers: frozen, not fresh, and possibly loaded with preservatives, salt, and fillers. Fast food burgers might be okay for the occasional quickie, but if you are looking for a truly satisfying meal, there are better options.

hamburger restaurants

The Howdy Doody BBQ Burger

You don’t necessarily get what you pay for.

The opposite end of the spectrum is where you will find the so-called gourmet burgers. The quality might be there, but do you really need to pay over ten dollars for a hamburger? Many people seem to think that if it is expensive, the quality must be higher.

The truth is there is a way to get a high quality hamburger that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. The classic American diner has been providing just this for a long time – high quality beef, made fresh to order, at a fair price. You don’t have to overpay for quality.

Why not have some fun?

Fast food joints are designed for one purpose: to get as many people through the line as possible. Why not sit down and really enjoy your meal? And while you are at it, have that burger the way it should be eaten – with fresh French fries and a shake!

Along with great food, we immerse you in a fun, safe, and friendly 50’s style atmosphere. There’s no pushing you through the line here. So pass by those fast food joints and enjoy one of the best burgers in Denver.

By the way, along with five great locations in the Denver area, we have two to choose from in Colorado Springs!