Looking for a unique Milkshakes experience in Denver? Would you like to take a step back into time? Well, if you are looking for some style from the 1950’s, why not try Gunther Toody’s diner for Rich experience of Milkshakes in Denver. They bring you to another time dimension and make your eating experience lots of fun!Restaurants of Burger & Milkshakes In Denver, CO

Enjoy the ambiance of a 1950’s decorated diner in Denver. Gunther Toody’s has been around for nearly 30 years and although it is small and perhaps quaint, it offers the customer a very unique dining experience. Its first location was in Colorado Springs, CO, however, over the past three decades, they have grown to include now 6 locations with several of them located in the mile high city of Denver. So check around the neighborhood, one may be closer to you than you think.

What do they serve might you ask? Based on the 1950’s and 1960’s style restaurant, this place has all the old fashion foods from that time as well as some modern plate flavors. Starting with Classic Burgers paired with rich and creamy Milkshakes in Denver also the menu options are endless. With more than a dozen wonderfully prepared burger platters available for your choosing, there is a burger for every taste bud. Ranging from thick, juicy, 12 ounce cheeseburgers, to chicken burgers, to simple but fulfilling patty melts, and their signature Classic Burgers, they have it all. There is also a nice selection of full size appetizers for those that just want to hang out. The are several varieties of double rich Milkshakes but if you’re too full for that, regular drinks are available as well. Don’t have time for a lunch date, why not try a quick stop for some breakfast platters. From omelettes, to pancakes, to chicken fried steak, there are over 20 options for you to choose from in order to have delicious breakfast.

As one of the best breakfast restaurants Denver area, it not only boasts exceptional customer service and an enthusiastic eating environment, they also offer other services like hosting birthday parties or group gatherings. It’s an entertaining place it’s a family friendly restaurant. It is also a great spot to take tourists or newcomers to town and or for any fun date night. Gunther Toody’s diner is the place to be if you are looking for a quirky and unique dining experience in Denver CO.


Gunther Toody’s
301 w. 104th Ave
Northglenn,CO 80234
Telephone: 303-453-1956

General Manager: Larry Ausbun
Email: larry.ausbun@gunthertoodys.com

Hours of Operation:
Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Thursday 6am – 9pm
Wednesday, Friday and Saturday 6am – 10pm