Meadow Gold Ice Cream Made Exclusively for Us!

Did you know that Meadow Gold Ice Cream, one of the oldest ice cream companies in America, makes all of our ice creams exclusively for us? During the Silver Panic of 1893, George E Haskell and William M. Bosworth lost their jobs with the Fremont Butter and Egg Company, so they started their own firm […]

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Mother’s Day – A Holiday of Love


Mother’s Day will be here this Sunday, May 10th!

It has been said that there is nothing as powerful as a mother’s love and once a year, on the second Sunday in May, we have an opportunity to repay that love by honoring the mothers in our lives. There have been different variations on the idea […]

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Fundraising Nights at Gunther Toody’s

One of the things that we at Gunther Toody’s are proud of is that we support our community and local schools. We do this by hosting fundraising nights and community events at each of our locations for schools, non-profits and other groups in our communities.

We take pride in supporting our local schools, organizations and non-profits and […]

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