Three Bizarre Christmas Traditions from Around the World

We all have our favorite Christmas food traditions passed down for generations. Most Americans serve turkey, ham, roast beef, even lobster along with a bevy of sides as part of their Christmas feast. But Christmas is a holiday celebrated all around the world and some of their food traditions would seem down right strange or […]

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The Drive-In Movie Theater is Making a Comeback


Eighty two years ago this month the first-ever Drive In movie theater was opened in Camden New Jersey. The cost – 25¢ per car, plus 25¢ per person, with no group paying more than $1. The idea spread like wildfire and after World War II, the rise of the automobile industry and the birth of all […]

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Chantilly Lace – The story behind our Big Bopper

At Gunther Toody’s the Big Bopper refers to our amazing $3.49 weekday breakfast special which offers guests two eggs (any way you like them), hash browns, a choice of bacon, sausage, chorizo, Polish sausage or ham and wheat or white toast. But did you know from whom the inspiration for the name came? The Big […]

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Remembering Happy Days and Arnold’s Drive In

We’ve been thinking a lot recently about the heyday of the American diner and drive in – the 1950’s. This was a truly happy time in American; we were actually thrilled to be moving to the suburbs, kids played outside freely, and doors were always left unlocked. No television show depicts these happier times than […]

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Who was Gunther Toody?

Gunther Toody’s was named after one of the two hilarious police officers in the short-lived but ever-popular TV sitcom “Car 54 Where Are You”. Played by Joe E. Ross, Toody was a somewhat dim-witted but amiable officer known for exclaiming “oooh oooh” at least once in every episode. His partner Francis Muldoon played by Fred […]

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50’s Diners in the Denver Area

Perhaps, you are feeling just a bit nostalgic about a time when things were simpler, but dining out was tremendous fun. Gunther Toodys is a 50’s classic Denver Diner. The exciting news for 50’s buffs is that Gunther Toodys is is an All American Family Restaurant that delivers great food to their customers at a […]

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Gunther Toody’s – Denver’s Finest Classic Diner

Are you looking for delicious food in a family-friendly atmosphere for diner in Denver ? Well, look no further! Step into Gunther Toody’s restaurant and step back in time to the fun and energetic 1950’s. Located in Denver, Gunther Toody’s has been serving up the classics since 1986. Specializing in classic American food in an […]

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Kids & Family Friendly Restaurants in Denver CO

Children Love the Transporting Back to the 50’s at Gunther Toody’s!
Are you looking for a great kid & family friendly restaurants Denver? How about a place with a little character on the side? Bring your kids to Gunther Toody’s family fun restaurant. […]

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The Classic American Diner: A Brief History

A Staple of American Culture
In movies, sitcoms and art, the American diner has offered a backdrop to the hustle and bustle of life. They’re a place to find an inexpensive warm meal, meet with friends or simply pause for a brief respite over a cup of coffee and a slice of pie. Diners are quintessentially American. […]

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What are Your Favorite Classic Diner Dishes

When it comes to classic diner dishes do you always order the chicken fried steak, or is it all about the burgers and fries?
Classic diners like Gunther Toody’s are known for serving hearty, American comfort food.  Whether an establishment sticks to traditional recipes or offers new interpretations of classic diner dishes, the food is at […]

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