The Importance of the Classic Diner

The classic diner helped shaped the modern restaurant industry and remains a American cultural icon.
You may have noticed that the classic diner is an endangered species in the restaurant world.  At one time the familiar shiny rail-car style diners were found all around the country, but now their numbers have dwindled and many have been […]

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What is America’s Favorite Food?

From chicken to pasta and chocolate to asparagus, keep reading to find out more about America’s favorite food.
What is your favorite food?  Do you flip for pizza?  Or can you not get enough burgers? If you turn to beef as your favorite then you’re in good company.  A recent study concluded that steak is America’s […]

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50’s Diner Food is Alive and Well at Gunther Toody’s

The times and prices may have changed but 50’s diner food remains a classic.
Classic diners are called “classic” for a reason; because even as time passes the charm and nostalgia of a diner endures.  At Gunther Toody’s we’re celebrating 50’s diner food, and diner culture, every day of the week.  From our menu to our […]

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Gunther Toody’s Offers Great Diner Food in the Front Range

Are you looking for affordable, delicious diner food for the whole family?
When you’re looking for classic diner food in the Denver and Colorado Springs area, Gunther Toody’s should be at the top of your list.  We have something for everyone on our menu, including the kids.  We’re known for our burgers and shakes, but you […]

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Halloween Trivia

Did you know that the most candy sales of the year happen on October 28?  Keep reading for more fun Halloween Trivia!
Happy Halloween everybody!  Today is the day that most children (and a lot of adults!) look forward to all year!  The kids will be parading in their costumes, doorbells will be ringing tonight, and […]

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October 30 is National Candy Corn Day

The tri-colored treat has been around for over 125 years and is celebrated today with National Candy Corn Day.
It seems only fitting that they day before Halloween is set aside to celebrate candy corn.  Many of us probably have childhood memories of trying to insert our teeth into pieces of the sweet treat to make […]

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Why Do We Trick or Treat?

The tradition of children going door to door so they can trick or treat comes from a medieval practice in Great Britain.
In just a few more days children all over the country will take to the streets in their Halloween costumes to ring doorbells and shout, “trick or treat!”  This custom is something that nearly every […]

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The History of Family Restaurants

The rise in family restaurants started after World War II and has grown into an important part of the food service industry.
Family restaurants are a major part of the food industry.  Millions of parents look for places where they can bring their children to get an affordable meal in a relaxed atmosphere.  While at one […]

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Delicious Waffle Trivia

Did you know those famous frozen toaster waffles were invented in 1953?  Keep reading for more waffle trivia.
Waffles, the crispy delight with more surface area on the outside then on the inside, have been an American breakfast favorite for decades.  While most of us today probably think of waffles as either a frozen food, or […]

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October 18 is National Chocolate Cupcake Day

You have probably noticed that cupcakes have been enjoying the spotlight for about a decade now.  Wall Street has been saying for a few years that the gourmet cupcake trend is officially over, but most people would probably disagree with them as there are still a lot of popular cupcake shops enjoying a successful business.  So […]

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