Coffeehouses in the 1950’s

Coffeehouses were an important part of the counterculture movement in the 1950’s.
Today coffeehouses are a major part of mainstream American culture.  Millions of people flock to them every morning for a cup of coffee or an espresso beverage before starting the rigorous work day.  And for many people the coffee shop is their remote office […]

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Wham-O: Toy Innovators of the 1950’s

The Frisbee and the Hula Hoop were the most popular products created by Wham-O in the 1950’s.
Wham-O, a toy company that still operates today, was responsible for the creation of three very popular 1950’s toys; the Slingshot, the Hula Hoop and the Frisbee.  Wham-O was created in 1948 by friends Arthur “Spud” Melin and Richard […]

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1950’s Firsts: Dennis the Menace

Dennis the Menace was created in the 1950’s and continues to be a popular comic strip.
That loveable little trouble maker, Dennis the Menace, made his newspaper debut on March 12, 1951 in 16 publications around the country.  The popular comic strip was originally created, written and illustrated by Hank Ketchum.  The strip was inspired by Ketchum’s […]

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Easter Around the World

At home we eat ham and decorate eggs, but Easter around the world can involve crime novels and buckets of water.
In the United States we celebrate Easter with a variety of customs.  We decorate and hunt for Easter eggs, make baskets filled with chocolate and Marshmallow Peeps, and we enjoy a big Easter brunch or […]

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1950’s Candy – The Marshmallow Peep

One of the most popular Easter candies, the Marshmallow Peep, was born in the 1950’s.
Easter is just around the corner and a lot of people have already stocked up on the holiday favorite, the Marshmallow Peep.  This Easter basket staple has been delighting children and adults alike since the 1950’s.
Marshmallow Peeps are a product of […]

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Fast Food Restaurants Born in the 1950’s

Taco Bell and Burger King are among the fast food chains that were started in the 1950’s.
With so many new innovations in technology and processing, the food industry was revolutionized in the 1950’s.  This revolution included restaurants and the landscape of dining was changed with the rise of fast food.  It started with White Castle […]

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Food Innovations of the 1950’s

The demand for convenience was strong in the 1950’s and this drove the creation of many food innovations.
The 1950’s was a time of great innovation in food products.  It was a decade driven by the demand for convenience and many of the modern products we use today are food innovations of the 1950’s.  Women wanted […]

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1950’s Toys: Play-Doh

Among the many popular toys that were invented in the 1950’s is Play-Doh.  Although we all know it as a modeling compound, Play-Doh actually started out as wallpaper cleaner.  It was invented by Noah McVicker of Kutol Products, a soap manufacturer in Cincinnati.  Kroger’s Grocery asked the company to create something that could clean coal […]

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Movie Musicals in the 1950’s

During the 1950’s big stars and big productions reigned in movie musicals.
The 1950’s was an important decade for both television and movies.  There were many innovations in technology, movie studios and networks were constantly creating new programs and movies, and many iconic stars came out of the decade including James Dean and Marilyn Monroe.  Movie […]

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Farewell to Mickey Rooney

Screen legend Mickey Rooney died Sunday, leaving behind the legacy of an 80 year career.
After a prolific career and over 200 film credits, Mickey Rooney passed away on Sunday surrounded by his family at the age of 93.  Rooney was born as Joe Yule, Jr. in Brooklyn, New York on September 23, 1920.   His first […]

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