June 30 is National Ice Cream Soda Day

While there is now a National Ice Cream Soda Day, at one time the drink was banned on Sundays.
Who can resist an ice cream soda, especially when the weather starts to heat up in Denver like it is now.  It’s no wonder there is a day to celebrate this creamy, fizzy drink.  Make your plans […]

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National Vanilla Milkshake Day

There is no better time to celebrate the classic frozen drink because it’s National Vanilla Milkshake Day.
Yes, there really is a day to celebrate everything.  June 20 is National Vanilla Milkshake Day and it isn’t too late to get to Gunther Toody’s and enjoy one of delicious creamy concoctions.  Ours are made from hand scooped […]

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Classic Cocktail History: The Piña Colada

The tropical piña colada is the national drink of Puerto Rico and many claim to be the inventor.
The piña colada is a classic cocktail that is strongly associated with vacation, tropical beaches, and of course, that popular song of the same name.  It’s the kind of drink that you want to enjoy poolside or while […]

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Classic Cocktail History: The Grasshopper

The minty Grasshopper started in the South and grew to become a classic.
The Grasshopper is a classic cocktail with a funny name and chocolate-mint flavor that became very popular in the 1950’s as an after dinner drink.  However, it was actually created a few decades prior to this.  The drink was reportedly the invention of […]

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The Ice Cream Sundae is a Great Idea Any Day of the Week

It may not be clear who really invented the ice cream sundae, but there is no mistaking America’s love of them.
Ice cream sundaes are an old fashioned dessert that has maintained popularity throughout the decades.  Just as they were enjoyed in soda fountains in the early 1900’s, Americans still love going out for ice cream […]

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Classic Cocktail History: The Moscow Mule

The refreshing Moscow Mule served in a copper mug was inspired by two men who needed to sell their products.
You know that phrase, “what’s old is new again”?  Well, that is certainly true with classic cocktails in recent years.  There has been a major trend, both at home and in bars and restaurants, in making […]

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Veggie Burgers: The Beef Isn’t Here

Most people may prefer beef, but veggie burgers have secured their place in the American diet.
Burgers may be one of America’s most iconic foods.  In fact, we love burgers so much that even vegetarians want to enjoy them.  There was a time when beef was the only thing that went in between two hamburger buns.  […]

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Classic Cocktail History: the Tom Collins

Classic cocktail Tom Collins named after a popular joke.
The Tom Collins is a cocktail made with gin, lemon juice, sugar syrup and plain soda water.  People have enjoying this refreshing drink for well over 125 years.  But do you know the story behind this classic cocktail?

A gin-based drink called a John Collins existed since about […]

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1950’s Innovations: Diet Soda

Diet soda started out as a drink for diabetics but has grown into a big business.
Soda is a major industry and Americans spent $70 billion on soda in 2010.  Diet soda is a large part of those sales.  In fact, Diet Coke was the second most popular soda that same year, surpassing Pepsi.  It’s hard […]

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