Find a World of Flavor at Restaurants in Colorado Springs

It’s not just fast food and national chains, local restaurants in Colorado Springs have a lot to offer.
Did you know that there is a thriving food scene in Colorado Springs?  Denver gets a lot of local and national attention as a foodie destination, but there are a lot of amazing restaurants in Colorado Springs as […]

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How to Pick a Healthy Breakfast in a Restaurant

Want to cut a few calories during the holidays?  Ask for egg whites or try some of these other tips to help you pick a healthy breakfast in a restaurant.
The holiday season is officially here and for most of us that means a LOT of indulging!  Be it with candy, cookies, drinks, cheese, or gravy, most […]

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Gobble Up Some Turkey Trivia

How many turkeys do we eat every Thanksgiving?  Keep reading to learn this and more fun turkey trivia!

America’s biggest food holiday is less than two days away and everyone if gearing up for the big day! Turkeys are soaking in brine, pies are being made, and everyone is getting in the holiday spirit!  Everyone at […]

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What is America’s Favorite Food?

From chicken to pasta and chocolate to asparagus, keep reading to find out more about America’s favorite food.
What is your favorite food?  Do you flip for pizza?  Or can you not get enough burgers? If you turn to beef as your favorite then you’re in good company.  A recent study concluded that steak is America’s […]

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Searching for Your Next New Favorite Breakfast Restaurant?

Gunther Toody’s has the food and the prices you want in a family friendly breakfast restaurant.
Do you have a favorite breakfast restaurant in Denver ?  Or are you searching for a new place?  Gunther Toody’s has exactly what you want in a great breakfast restaurant.

Great variety – something for everyone, including the kids!
Classic […]

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50’s Diner Food is Alive and Well at Gunther Toody’s

The times and prices may have changed but 50’s diner food remains a classic.
Classic diners are called “classic” for a reason; because even as time passes the charm and nostalgia of a diner endures.  At Gunther Toody’s we’re celebrating 50’s diner food, and diner culture, every day of the week.  From our menu to our […]

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Gunther Toody’s Offers Great Diner Food in the Front Range

Are you looking for affordable, delicious diner food for the whole family?
When you’re looking for classic diner food in the Denver and Colorado Springs area, Gunther Toody’s should be at the top of your list.  We have something for everyone on our menu, including the kids.  We’re known for our burgers and shakes, but you […]

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Delicious Waffle Trivia

Did you know those famous frozen toaster waffles were invented in 1953?  Keep reading for more waffle trivia.
Waffles, the crispy delight with more surface area on the outside then on the inside, have been an American breakfast favorite for decades.  While most of us today probably think of waffles as either a frozen food, or […]

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Six Reasons Why You Need Sweet Potato Fries

Why save them for the holiday table when you can enjoy sweet potato fries any day of the year?
It used to be that French fries were nearly the only option as a side dish to your burger.  And sweet potatoes used to appear on the dinner table almost exclusively during the holidays.  But now the […]

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Pancakes Around the World

Pancakes are a breakfast favorite in America.  Any family friendly restaurant offering breakfast is bound to have them on the menu.  Naturally we serve them at Gunther Toody’s, we just call them hotcakes.  Usually hotcakes are a bit thinner, but larger in diameter, than traditional pancakes.  Our hotcakes come in your choice of buttermilk or […]

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