The Original Milk Shake was Boozy

Did you know that the first milk shakes of the late 19th century were, in fact, alcoholic whiskey based eggnog? But by the early 20th century they were made with flavored syrups hand-shaken with crushed ice, milk and sugar. The invention of the electric blender in 1922 changed the world of milk shakes altogether giving […]

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The Drive-In Movie Theater is Making a Comeback


Eighty two years ago this month the first-ever Drive In movie theater was opened in Camden New Jersey. The cost – 25¢ per car, plus 25¢ per person, with no group paying more than $1. The idea spread like wildfire and after World War II, the rise of the automobile industry and the birth of all […]

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Happy National Egg Day


Which came first the chicken or the egg? Who cares? We love them both, but today is National Egg Day, so we are giving the egg its due. That tiny compact little orb packs a powerful punch. Each egg provides 7 grams of protein, tons of vitamin D and has just 75 calories.

National Egg Day […]

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NATIONAL HAMBURGER DAY – $2 off any burger!

National Hamburger Day is celebrated each year on May 28.  It is a day to honor an all-American classic sandwich, the hamburger.  While the hamburger derives its name from the German town of Hamburg, there is no question that it is an American culinary icon.

There is a fair amount of controversy over who actually invented […]

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How Should I Decide on the Best Breakfast in Denver?

Because this is a nation of people on the move, it is feasible to expect that when they travel, there will be a need to stop for food and drink. The service industry is made up of opportunities to satisfy those needs; however, many fall short of offering the full package. Most travelers appreciate the […]

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How Do I Choose a Kid Friendly Restaurant?

So you are traveling with children and are looking for someplace to eat, but don’t want to bring them into a restaurant that is more adult oriented. It needs to be a more kid friendly restaurant, with many choices on the menus and other activities that can keep them busy without creating a scene. While […]

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Finding Family Friendly Restaurants

When parents are dining out with their kids, it’s important they find family friendly restaurants. However finding a restaurant to please and accommodate an entire household can be a daunting task. More importantly, searching for family friendly restaurants doesn’t mean parents have to sacrifice quality fare and eat uninteresting food. Instead, they need to do […]

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History of The Classic American Diner

The classic American diner is a cultural icon. Today, most people associate the diner with its streamlined, silver bullet, art deco period or the chrome, checker board and vinyl glitz of its baby boom heyday. However, the diner began as a horse drawn lunch wagon. Its evolution is a continuing expression of changing American culture.

The […]

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A Burger and a Milkshake

If you are in the Denver area and you have a hankering for a good, old fashioned style burger and a milkshake, be sure to try Gunther Toody’s Diner! Here, you will feel like you have been sent back in time to the wonderful era of the 1950’s. With a classic atmosphere, anyone who steps […]

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Old Fashioned Burgers and Sandwiches

When you are on the hunt for a classic American meal, like old fashioned burgers and sandwiches, there is nowhere better to go than Gunther Toody’s. This is a 1950’s style diner that serves everything you have come to expect from these types of establishments. At Gunther Toody’s, you can get classic meals such as […]

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