The Best Classic Lunch in Denver

It’s like stepping back into the 50’s when you walk into Gunther Toody’s. You will hear the jukebox playing as you are ushered to your seat and as you look over the menu, you will likely get the feeling that you are about to have the best classic lunch in Denver.

As you listen to the 50’s music in […]

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Classic Cocktail History: Tom and Jerry

Chase the winter chill away with a Tom and Jerry, a classic holiday cocktail that’s related to eggnog.

The Tom and Jerry cocktail is a traditional Christmas drink that has historically been very popular in the Mid-West region, particularly Wisconsin and Minnesota. However, it is virtually unknown in other parts of the country.  A Tom and Jerry is […]

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Why Do We Hang Christmas Stockings?

The answer to the question, why do we hang Christmas stockings, is lost to history but legends attempt to tell the story.


We all know how the story goes; “The stockings were hung by the chimney with care…”  But have you ever wondered exactly why do we hang Christmas stockings?

There are actually no written records regarding […]

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How Much Do You Know About Pumpkin?

The big day for pumpkin is fast approaching but how much do you know about this ancient squash?
It’s hard to believe that Thanksgiving is right around the corner!  By now everyone is planning the big feast, and undoubtedly pumpkin pie will be included.  This is the time of year that cans of pumpkins fly off […]

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Why You Need a Family Restaurant during the Holidays

You’re busy and stressed and everywhere you go it’s bustling with activity.  Take the kids to a family restaurant during the holidays and breathe a little easier.
Not only are the holidays the most wonderful time of year, they’re also the busiest!  There’s a big chance that they’re also the most stressful.  Everybody has a lot […]

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The History of the Jack-o’-Lantern is Rooted in Irish Legend

The first jack-o’-lanterns were carved from turnips and potatoes and were meant to ward off the ghost of an Irish folk legend.
During this time of year children and adults alike delight in carving pumpkins.  Surely you’ve been seeing them proudly displayed on porches and in windows the last few weeks.  Carving a jack-o’-lantern is a […]

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Denver Attractions to Enjoy this Fall

There is plenty of local fun to enjoy this Fall with a gorilla run, arts week and a big costume party among the popular Denver attractions.
Fall has officially arrived in the Denver area and it is gorgeous!  The leaves are turning the beautiful gold and orange colors, Halloween decorations are up, there is a definite […]

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Did you Hear the Buzz? Today is National Coffee Day!

A lot of us celebrate coffee every day as we sip our morning cup (or two!).  But September 29 is actually National Coffee Day.  Coffee is an ancient product that fuels our modern lives, not to mention a HUGE global industry.  Coffee culture has grown by leaps and bounds in this country and millions of […]

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What Makes GT’s the Best Breakfast Place in Thornton?



Are you looking for the best breakfast place in Thornton?  Well, look no further because a delicious, hearty breakfast is waiting for you at Gunther Toody’s!  The friendly staff at our Washington Street location is ready to help get your day started right.

If you’re looking for a big breakfast at a small price you should […]

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Classic Cocktail History: The Rob Roy

A play about a real Scottish hero inspired the popular cocktail the Rob Roy.

So many of the classic cocktails we enjoy today, like the martini and the Manhattan, come from contested origins.  Usually there are several claims to their invention and the true story is lost to history.  However, when it comes to the Rob Roy, […]

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