1950’s Movie Legends: James Dean

The short but meteoric career of James Dean was cut short by a car accident.
Despite a career that only spanned five years, James Dean was one of biggest stars of the 1950’s.  He rose to stardom after starring in just three movies and quickly became an icon of youth, rebellion, and disenchantment.  Dean was born […]

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Your Guide to 1950s Slang

Antsville, burn rubber and other 1950s slang.
Slang has been used throughout history by many different groups of people and occupations, with various words falling in and out of popularity.  In the 1920s the word “ace” was slang for a one dollar bill and in the 1930s if you said you were about to “blow your […]

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Classic American Food: Fried Chicken

Fried chicken may be a Southern classic, but it is enjoyed around the world.
You’d probably have a hard time finding someone who doesn’t like fried chicken.  Even the most health conscious person is bound to enjoy it as an occasional treat.  The comfort food classic is synonymous with American cuisine, and has long been a […]

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Vintage Recipe Advertisements Seem More Prank than Meal

Did people really eat that? Some vintage recipe advertisements will make you wonder what they were thinking.
There were a lot of developments in food in the 1950’s.  Convenience products like canned soup, tuna and vegetables became very popular.  It was a time of Jell-O molds, casseroles, mayonnaise, and deviled eggs.  There were a lot of […]

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The Most Expensive Burgers in America

The most expensive burgers come decked out in truffles, foie gras and caviar with big price tags to match!
Burgers are a major industry in this country.  When you go out for burgers in Denver there are a number of affordable and delicious choices.  While most of us enjoy ours simply topped with ketchup and the […]

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Classic Cocktail History: The Martini

Shaken or stirred, the martini has long been a favorite but the origins of the drink are a bit fuzzy.
When it comes to classic cocktails, it’s hard to beat a martini.  The drink has reached iconic status, probably thanks in part to James Bond, and has inspired an entire category of martini-like drinks containing a […]

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The BLT Sandwich – A Diner Food Classic

People have been enjoying this classic sandwich for years, but were not always calling it a BLT.
The BLT is an icon in the sandwich world.  Even before the more recent trend of bacon mania, the BLT was always a popular choice with mass appeal.  There is just something about the simple combination of crispy, salty […]

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1950’s Music Legends – The Big Bopper

Despite a promising career that ended too soon, the Big Bopper was a pioneer of rockabilly music.
Born on October 24, 1930 as Jiles Perry Richardson, Jr., the Big Bopper has had a lasting influence on music.  His career began as a radio DJ in Beaumont, Texas.  He started calling himself the Big Bopper after seeing […]

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1950’s Television – A Time Of Laughter, Prizes and Cowboys

Everyone loved Lucy in the 1950’s and tuned in to see what the Beaver was up to.

Television boomed in the 1950’s.  The days of gathering around the radio to listen the favorite shows were fading away and more and more households were buying television sets.  Even dinner time started to change as families enjoyed their […]

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Yankee Pot Roast – Comfort Food for the Winter

Yankee pot roast is classic diner food and doesn’t require you to break the bank.
Yankee pot roast is American comfort food at its finest.  The tender beef and vegetables, cooked in the juices of the meat, are perfect for cold winter nights when you need something hearty.  Pot roast has long been a staple of […]

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