Classic 1950’s Toys

Barbie and Play-Doh are among the most popular toys of the decade.
The 1950’s has had a lasting impact popular culture today.  Besides cars and music, the 1950’s is also know for the introduction of many new toys that became more than fads and are still just as popular today.  These are toys that generations have […]

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Brunch in Denver is a Favorite Way to Celebrate or Just Enjoy a Sunday

Going out for brunch is a popular weekend tradition, but what is the history of this meal?
There are many great choices for brunch in Denver, Gunther Toody’s among them.  Brunch is a long-standing social tradition, something that brings families and friends together for good food and drinks.  Everyone gathers at their favorite restaurant, or the […]

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Eggs Benedict – A Classic Dish for Breakfast in Denver

No breakfast or brunch menu is complete without Eggs Benedict, but where did the dish come from?
Eggs Benedict is a classic breakfast item.  The popular combination of toasted English muffin, ham, poached eggs, and Hollandaise sauce has been a standard on American menus for many years.

Like so many dishes in American cuisine, the exact origins […]

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The Rise of the Drive-In Theater

The drive-in theater was once an icon of entertainment but now they are nearly extinct.
The drive-in theater was invented by Richard M. Hollingshead, Jr. of Camden, New Jersey.  He started experimenting with the layout for an outdoor theater in his driveway in 1932.  He nailed a screen to trees, set up a projector and radio […]

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The Lasting Effect of 1950’s Car Culture

Automobile production soared in the 50’s and car design sets the decade apart.
The 1950’s is defined by a great many things, including trends and innovations in food, music and fashion.  The 1950’s car culture is perhaps unparalleled by any other decade.  There were many innovations in design and safety and the 50’s gave birth to […]

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Food Trends Come and Go but is the Jell-O Mold Here to Stay?

 There was a time when it just wasn’t a party without a Jell-O mold.
Just like fashion, the food industry experiences plenty of trends.  These days certain ingredients become trendy, as do different types of cuisines, specific dishes, as well as certain cooking techniques.  Some big food trends of recent times include cupcakes, bacon, sous vide […]

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Breakfast Around the World

How about swapping your bacon and eggs for miso soup and rice?
Americans know what to expect on a breakfast menu.  Eggs are the king of breakfast in this country, prepared in so many different ways.  You’ll also find pancakes, French toast, bacon, and all the usual breakfast suspects on most menus.  When going out for […]

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De-Coding Restaurant Language

What does it mean when your dinner has been 86’d?
Just like diner lingo was once widely used as an easy way for diner staff to communicate, the restaurant industry in general has its own language.  Naturally much of it is related to cooking and ingredients, but also to the organization of a restaurant and kitchen.

A […]

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Looking for the Perfect Lunch? Try a Sandwich.

The sandwich is a global culinary icon and has been around since before that Earl.
Is there any other food that comes as close to perfection as a sandwich?  Everything you need to make a complete meal is contained in a sandwich and the possible combinations are endless.  The humble building blocks of bread and filling […]

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Elvis and Diner Food – The King’s Favorites

Elvis once made a midnight run to Denver to enjoy his favorite sandwich.
The peanut butter and banana sandwich (often with bacon) is renowned for being one of Elvis Presley’s favorite foods.  In fact, the dish is generally known as the Elvis and served at diners and restaurants all over.  Elvis was particularly fond of one […]

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