Is it the way it’s made or where it’s served that makes it a classic hamburger?

You probably go out for classic hamburgers in Denver fairly often.  But have you thought about what exactly makes a “classic” hamburger called classic?  Does it depend on where it is served, like in a classic diner like Gunther Toody’s?  Or is it the ingredients that make it classic?  The classic hamburger is really a style of its own, but what defines that burger may depend on who you ask.

Hamburgers began their life as simple broiled ground beef patties between two slices of toasted bread, so some may say that a truly classic burger is only made this way.  But over time burgers changed and started to be served on buns and with vegetable toppings and condiments like ketchup.  Many hamburger aficionados say that a classic burger is dressed with a “special sauce” usually made of ketchup, mayonnaise and pickle relish, and topped with pickles, onions and tomatoes.  Lettuce is often used, but cheese is optional on a classic burger.  This kind of hamburger makes you think of drive-ins and classic diners, when burgers cost about 50 cents and you drank them with a cold Coke or a malted.

Some burger fans will go so far as to say that a classic hamburger must be assembled in a certain way.  Usually it starts with a toasted bun on the bottom, spread with sauce or condiments, tomato on top of that, then the burger, then pickles, onions and lettuce if you’re using it.  And still other people say the order should go bun, condiment, burger, tomato, pickle, lettuce, and then onion on top with more condiment spread on the top bun.

If you come to Gunther Toody’s looking for classic hamburgers in Denver you should order our Original Burger.  It’s made with a six ounce fresh beef patty and topped with tomato, onions and pickles.  It will be made fresh and guaranteed delicious, which is always a classic!


classic hamburgers in Denver