Convenience products and a relish tray would surely make an appearance on the 1950’s Christmas dinner table.

What items are on the menu for your Christmas dinner?  Do you prefer ham over turkey?  Or how about prime rib?  Many of the same things we eat for Thanksgiving return to the table for Christmas, such as mashed potatoes and gravy, sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce, and stuffing.  Everyone has their favorites and family recipes that make the holidays so special.

The 1950’s Christmas dinner menu was a bit different than what you’d find today.  Convenience foods were growing in popularity during this time so many recipes took advantage of products like canned soups.  Frozen vegetables became widely available so you’d likely see peas as a side dish, often with canned pearl onions.  Relish trays featuring raw vegetables, pickles and olives were also very popular for entertaining.  A Jell-O mold was a popular addition to the holiday table as well.

The Family Circle magazine listed this Christmas dinner menu in the December 1956 issue, “Holiday glazed ham, parsley potatoes, spiced peaches, cornbread diamonds, vegetable scallop, relish tray of olives, watercress, watermelon rind, radishes and celery, eggnog pie, coffee, salted nuts, mints.”

This 1950’s Christmas dinner menu was listed in Better Homes and Gardens Holiday Cookbook, “French onion soup, holiday duckling with orange stuffing, cranberry sauce, mushroom wild rice, almond green beans, gala fruit wreath, Parker House rolls, butter, assorted cheese and crackers, hot coffee.”

Whatever you decide to make this holiday season, enjoy with your friends and family in good  health!