Not only was the 1950’s known for great moments in television, movies and music, it was also a big decade for sports.  Here’s a look at some big moments in 1950s sports.

1950 – America beat England 1-0 at a June 29 World Cup match.

1951 – Randolf Turpin, a 23 year old boxer from England beat Sugar Ray Robinson.

1952 – At the Oslo Winter Olympics American Dick Button won a gold medal for men’s figure skating.

1953 – Roy Campanella was named the National League’s MVP for the second of three times in the decade.

1954 – Yogi Berra was named American League MVP for the second of three times in the decade.

1955 – Brooklyn Dodgers beat the Yankees to become the World Series champions.

1956 – Bill Sharman of the Boston Celtics made a 70 foot shot that stunned the crowd at Boston Garden.

1957 – Althea Gibson, the first African American tennis player of world renown won both Wimbledon and the U.S. National.

1958 – Gordie Howe of the Detroit Red Wings won the NHL MVP Hart Trophy for the fourth out of six times total.

1959 – Frank Gifford was named NFL All-Pro for the fourth time in the decade.