How does your favorite food stack up with the rest of country and around the globe?

When you go out to dinner in Denver, what is your favorite food to order?  Do you like adventurous gourmet choices, or do you stick to the classics like a burger and fries?  Or how about pizza?  If you count pizza as your favorite food, you’re in good company.  According to a 2011 survey from Oxfam that asked people all over the world about their favorite foods, 15.2 % of Americans say the savory pie tops their list.

How do you think the people of Brazil answered this question?  You may be very surprised to learn that 20.4% of the Brazilians surveyed said their favorite food is lasagna.  Feijoada, a stew made from black beans and meat that is considered the national dish of Brazil, ranked considerably lower at 4.9%.  Australians really value their sweets, with chocolate claiming the the number one spot with 8.9% of the respondents.  Vegetables hit the very bottom of their list with only 1.9%.

Americans have pizza in common with South Africans, who named pizza their second favorite food with 12.3%.  Perhaps not so surprisingly, 11.8% of those surveyed in Spain chose paella, the quintessential Spanish dish of rice, meat and seafood, as their favorite food.


Enjoy one of America’s favorite foods – the hamburger – at Gunther Toody’s.

In case you’re curious how your other favorite foods rated with the surveyed Americans, here is a partial list of the survey results.

1)      Pizza                      15.2%

2)      Steak                     8.2%

3)      Chicken                7.5%

4)      Mexican               5.3%

5)      Pasta                     4.3%

6)      Italian                    4.1%

7)      Seafood               3.6%

8)      Burger                  3.3%

9)      Ice cream            2.6%

10)   Sushi/Sashimi    2.4%

10) Chocolate            2.4%