Going out for brunch is a popular weekend tradition, but what is the history of this meal?

There are many great choices for brunch in Denver, Gunther Toody’s among them.  Brunch is a long-standing social tradition, something that brings families and friends together for good food and drinks.  Everyone gathers at their favorite restaurant, or the hottest new spot, for classics brunch fare such as Eggs Benedict, pancakes, bacon, roasted meats, pastries, quiche, and hash, as well as classic cocktails like Bellinis, Mimosas, and Bloody Marys.

Most everyone knows that the word itself is a combination of breakfast and lunch and the food served is a reflection of just that.  But do you know where the brunch tradition came from?  The term brunch was coined in 1895 England by a writer named Guy Beringer who wrote in his article, Brunch: A Plea, about a need for an alternative to the traditional heavy Sunday dinner.  He had in mind a lighter, more social meal that would “make life brighter for Saturday-night carousers.”

Prior to the word brunch being used, the practice of enjoying a large meal is rooted in traditional English breakfasts before the big hunting party, which featured multiple courses and a wide variety of meats, egg dishes and sweets.  It was also traditional for Catholics to fast before Sunday mass and then eat a large midday meal.  The tradition of brunch seems to have caught on in this country in the 1930’s, supposedly because Hollywood stars on cross-country train trips would stop in Chicago for a late morning meal.  Many restaurants were closed on Sundays so hotels took advantage of this by developing and promoting their brunch operations.

The rise in the popularity of brunch can also be attributed to the fact that after World War II many married women went to work and dining out on Sunday was necessary to give them a break.  Church attendance also started to drop post-WWII and brunch was an opportunity for people to gather together in the late morning hours.

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