When choosing a burger in Denver do the toppings reign supreme?

 It’s no secret that in America we love burgers.   The icon of fast food has been around for a very long time and has evolved from a humble patty on bread, to a dish worthy of fine dining.  The list of burger variations is seemingly endless, we have more than ten types at Gunther Toody’s in Denver!  With entire restaurants dedicated to burgers, there are a lot of different types to try out there.  What are your favorite burgers?  Do you prefer yours simply with cheese, or do you like to pile on veggies?  Zagat conducted a burger survey to find out just what we are putting on ours, where we like to eat them, and what we want on the side.   Are you among the 66% of the people surveyed who said ketchup is their favorite condiment?  Or do you side with the 20% who said that jalapenos are their least favorite topping?  Below are some of the survey results so you can see where you fall in the statistics.

Which Toppings Do You Like Best?

Cheese: 82%
Lettuce: 59%
Tomato: 59%
Grilled Onion: 56%
Bacon: 54%
Pickles: 48%
Raw Onions: 43%
Mushrooms: 33%

What is Your Favorite Condiment?

Ketchup: 66%
Mustard: 47%
Mayo: 44%
Barbecue Sauce: 27%
Thousand Island: 17%

What is Your Favorite Cheese?

Cheddar: 38%
American: 15%
Blue Cheese: 13%
Swiss: 12%
Monterey Jack: 6%

What is Your Favorite Side Dish with Burgers?

French Fries: 63%

Onion Rings: 16%

Tater Tots: 6%

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Read the full survey results at:  http://blog.zagat.com/2012/11/burger-survey-results-revealed-toppings.html