Diner decor

Classic diner decor at Gunther Toody’s.

The familiar look of a diner is part of our overall experience.

New Jersey may be considered the “diner capital of the world,” but there is no shortage of great diner food in Denver. But what makes a great diner?  Part of the appeal of diners is due to the atmosphere.  The classic diner decor has become recognizable across the globe. Chrome and stainless steel, glass bricks, neon signs, bright colors, black and white checkered floors, and colored tiles are some of the design elements that distinguish diner decor. But they did not start out looking this way – from the 1920’s to the 40’s most diners were decorated in an Art Deco style. But after World War II the commercial production of new materials like Formica and Naugahyde popularized their use in diners. It is the combination of the decor and the food give us the feeling of nostalgia that is unique to diners. Even for those who never experienced a diner during its heyday, their iconic look and feel is something that everyone can enjoy.