Diners set the scene for many movies and television shows.

The American love of diners is often reflected in popular culture, especially in movies and television. Most people can probably name a handful of movies that feature diners on-screen. Whether the establishment is integral to the show, such as in the movie Diner or the TV show Alice, or simply a backdrop, diners have been an unofficial member of the cast for many years. Many scenes are based on real establishments, such as Tom’s Restaurant in the show Seinfeld, although not actually filmed on location. Who can forget the infamous scene in When Harry Met Sally with the classic line, “I’ll have what she’s having,” which was filmed at Katz’s Delicatessen.

One such diner that has been home to many scenes from movies and TV but is no longer in operation is the Quality Café, located in Los Angeles. It hasn’t been serving food since 2006, but has been featured in many movies including, Training Day, Million Dollar Baby, Gone in 60 Seconds, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Catch Me if You Can, and TV shows Mad Men and CSI: New York.

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