Gathering the family around the table never goes out of style.

family dinner

Enjoy family dinner at Gunther Toody’s.

The idea of a family gathered around the dinner table, enjoying a hearty meal together and discussing the events of the day has a certain old-fashioned feel.  In these modern times, family dinner can be an afterthought.  Often the parents are working late and buying take-out on their way to pick up the kids from sports and activities.  The meal is rushed and shared with the television, smart phones and homework.  Families don’t always share the same schedule anymore and eat at different times.

There is a great deal of research that has concluded that family dinners benefit the development of children and help them to avoid risky behaviors such as drug use.  But some researchers have found that family dinner is not directly responsible, rather it is one component in a variety of factors that help kids grown up healthy and well-adjusted.  This line of research is based on the idea that it is the act of connecting with kids that ultimately benefits them.

Why not keep the family dinner alive despite our increasingly busy and distracted lives?  Engaging with our loved ones always sounds like a great idea.  Be it at your dining room table at home, or while enjoying a restaurant dinner in Denver, slow down for a moment and enjoy a wonderful meal and great conversation.