Who can resist ordering a milkshake at a diner? You’d be hard pressed to find anyone who hasn’t enjoyed the iconic diner indulgence of a burger, French fries and milkshake. But the creamy, frozen concoction did not start out that way. The term milkshake was first used in print in 1885 and referred to a cocktail of whisky, milk and eggs. In the early 1900’s a milkshake was made from milk and flavored syrup. But in 1922 Walgreens employee Ivar Coulson added two scoops of ice cream to mix and the fever was started. Walgreens also popularized the “malt,” which was a shake made with malt powder. The milkshake, like the hamburger, has become an American classic with endless variations and creative, modern twists with ingredients like toasted marshmallows, bacon and alcohol.

A delicious, frosty milkshake at Gunther Toody's.

A delicious, frosty milkshake at Gunther Toody’s.