The most expensive burgers come decked out in truffles, foie gras and caviar with big price tags to match!

Burgers are a major industry in this country.  When you go out for burgers in Denver there are a number of affordable and delicious choices.  While most of us enjoy ours simply topped with ketchup and the usual veggies, some restaurants have upgraded their burgers to luxury models.  It seems like the idea of super expensive, over-the-top burgers is catching on because more establishments are creating their own versions.  The most expensive burgers are generally found at popular fine dining restaurants around the country, each place trying to out-do the others with more luxury and mind-boggling price tags.

Topping the list of the most expensive burgers in America is the Fleurburger 5000 being served at Fleur de Lys in the Mandalay Bay casino in Las Vegas.  This burger features foie gras and black truffles and comes with a bottle ’95 Chateau Petrus.  Without the wine the burger costs a “meager” $70.

Le Burger Brasserie at the Paris casino in Las Vegas was not about to be outdone by Mandalay Bay, so they offer the $777 Burger.  It is made from Kobe beef and comes topped with Maine lobster, caramelized onions, imported brie cheese, and 100-year-old balsamic vinegar.  They serve it with a bottle of Dom Perignon, just for good measure.

Serendipty 3 in New York City serves up Le Burger Extravagant for $295.  The Wagyu beef in this burger is infused with white truffle butter and topped with caviar, shaved black truffles, cave-aged cheddar cheese, and a fried quail egg.  Instead of a traditional frilly toothpick holding the burger together, this one is gold and encrusted in diamonds.

At DB Bistro Moderne, also in New York City, Chef Daniel Bouloud created the DB Royale Double Truffle Burger.  This one is made from ground sirloin that is stuffed with foie gras, wine-braised short ribs and black truffle.  It is topped off with horseradish-tomato confit and two more layers of black truffle.  The DB Royale will set you back $140 and is only available seasonally.


The classic Diner Double Cheeseburger at Gunther Toody's is delicious and won't break the bank!

The classic Diner Double Cheeseburger at Gunther Toody’s is delicious and won’t break the bank!