For maximum good luck, serve greens, beans and fish for your New Year’s Day meal.

As we are about to ring in the New Year, you may be thinking about what special dishes to cook to usher in 2014 properly.  There are a number of choices for your New Year’s food that are associated with bringing good luck and prosperity in the coming year.  In the South, it is traditional to eat certain dishes for your New Year’s Day meal in order to bring you good fortune.  Here are some other ideas for lucky New Year’s food that you may want to include on your menu.

Greens – These symbolize money.  In the South they traditionally eat collard greens to make sure the New Year brings wealth.  While their ability to bring riches may not be guaranteed, greens are packed with vitamins so eat them for good health!

Beans – These also symbolize money, more specifically coins, due to their size.  Hoppin’ John, made from black eyed peas, is another traditional New Year’s food that is eaten in the South to bring prosperity.

Fish – Considered lucky because the scales resemble money and they swim in schools, which symbolizes prosperity.  Fish is another healthy choice for the New Year, regardless of whether it brings money along with it as well.

Noodles and Grains – These are symbols of long life and abundance.  Try slurping the noodles for even more luck!

Figs – This fruit symbolizes fertility.  If you’re looking to start a family, figs may be your lucky New Year’s food.


Looking for some recipes?  Try these from Southern Living magazine.  Cheers to a healthy and prosperous 2014!

Start your New Year off right with breakfast in Denver at Gunther Toody's.

Start your New Year off right with breakfast in Denver at Gunther Toody’s.