Dining in Japan?  You’ll be able to enjoy an omelette there too.

We all know and love the omelette.  When going out for breakfast in Denver, ordering one  is a great choice, with so many delicious combinations available.  The Mile High City even has its own claim to breakfast fame with the Denver omelette, filled with ham, green bell peppers, onions and cheese.

People have been eating eggs since ancient times and the modern day omelette has evolved throughout the centuries.  The French word omelette was first used in the mid-16th century, although different versions of both the word and the dish had been in use prior to this.  The classic French version of the dish is a bit different than those we are used to seeing on our breakfast plate.  It is cooked and rolled, rather than folded over  and the egg is cooked much softer and in such a manner that it is tender and moist.  Chopped fresh herbs such as chives, tarragon and parsley are traditional ingredients, as are tomato, cheese and meat.  French omelettes use smaller amounts of filling than their American counterparts.

Omelettes are enjoyed around the world in many forms.  The Italians make frittata, an open face omelette that often includes vegetables, cheese and even leftover pasta.  In Spain they make them the same way, but it’s called a tortilla.  In Japan they have several types, the tamagoyaki being the traditional style that consists of many thin layers of seasoned, cooked egg stacked together, rolled in a sushi mat and sliced.  The Japanese omurice is a more western style omelette that is filled with rice.  In Thailand they deep fry the eggs for khai chiao, and serve it over rice with Sriracha sauce.  In Southern Germany and Austria they make Bauernomelette, or farmer’s omelette, which includes onions, boiled potatoes and bacon.  An Iranian omelette is called Khagineh and is simply eggs beaten with sugar and cooked quickly in a hot pan.

It seems like no matter where you go for breakfast, you can’t go wrong when choosing an omelette.



Try a ham and cheese omelette at Gunther Toody’s when you’re craving Diner food in Denver.