You’re busy and stressed and everywhere you go it’s bustling with activity.  Take the kids to a family restaurant during the holidays and breathe a little easier.

Not only are the holidays the most wonderful time of year, they’re also the busiest!  There’s a big chance that they’re also the most stressful.  Everybody has a lot of activities planned, the malls and grocery stores are packed, the kids have wish lists a mile long, tempting treats are everywhere, and your to-do list just keeps getting longer!  Make life just a little simpler by turning to a family restaurant during the holidays.

Here are just a few reasons why you need a family restaurant during the holidays

  • Because when the kids get hungry they want food NOW. Family restaurants like Gunther Toody’s are experts at getting your food on the table in a hurry. We know you’re trying to avoid that hunger-induced meltdown that’s about to happen and we’re here to help!
  • Because they have menus just for the kids. Why make things harder for yourself by going to an adult focused restaurant and then trying to find something the little ones will eat.  A kids menu is designed with them in mind with simple dishes that won’t require you to make a bunch of changes and substitutions in order to get it to pass muster.  Chicken fingers and fries coming right up!
  • Because the staff is experienced in handling little diners. If you take the kids to the fancy café at the top of the department store you may find that the staff is a little less than prepared to deal with them.  The staff at a family restaurant during the holidays is at the top of their game and they’re ready for whatever you throw at them.
  • Because the atmosphere is just right. A family restaurant during the holidays is going to have a fun, festive, and probably loud, atmosphere.  So you’ll fit right in and won’t have to worry that your kids aren’t using their “inside voices.”

Gunther Toody’s is here for you and kids during this busy holiday season!  Relax and let the kids enjoy great food and fun in our classic 1950’s style diners in the Denver metro area and Colorado Springs.


family restaurant during the holidays

Gunther Toody’s has what you AND the kids need during the holidays!