Taco Bell and Burger King are among the fast food chains that were started in the 1950’s.

With so many new innovations in technology and processing, the food industry was revolutionized in the 1950’s.  This revolution included restaurants and the landscape of dining was changed with the rise of fast food.  It started with White Castle in the 1920’s and built upon by McDonald’s in the 1940’s, and by the 50’s the popularity of fast food was growing quickly.  Entrepreneurs of the decade learned that people enjoyed quick service, affordability and consistency.  Fast food delivered this and was perfect for adults, teens and children.  It could also be easily replicated and franchising spread the successful local restaurant models across the country. Many of our largest and most popular fast food chains got their start during the 1950’s.

Dunkin Donuts, 1950 – Quincy, Massachusetts

Church’s Fried Chicken, 1952 – San Antonio, Texas

KFC, 1952 – Salt Lake City, Utah (first franchise opened)

Denny’s (as Danny’s Donuts), 1953 – Lakewood, California

Burger King (as Insta-Burger King), 1953 – Jacksonville, Florida

Sonic Drive-In, 1953 – Shawnee Oaklahoma

Taco Bell (as Bell’s Drive-In), 1954 – San Bernardino, California

Pizza Hut, 1958 – Wichita, Kansas


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