When it comes to classic diner dishes do you always order the chicken fried steak, or is it all about the burgers and fries?

Classic diners like Gunther Toody’s are known for serving hearty, American comfort food.  Whether an establishment sticks to traditional recipes or offers new interpretations of classic diner dishes, the food is at the heart of what keeps the spirit of diners in Denver is still alive and well today.

We really love everything on our menu and it’s hard to pick a favorite.  But we tried to narrow it down and came up with this list of our favorite classic diner dishes.  What are your favorites?

12.  Corned Beef Hash

11.  Monte Cristo Sandwich

10.  Biscuits and Gravy

9.  Meatloaf

8.  BLT Sandwich

7.  Club Sandwich

6.  Yankee Pot Roast

5.  Chicken Fried Steak

4.  Eggs Benedict

3.  Pancakes (we call them hotcakes)

2.  Fried Chicken

1.  Burger and Fries

classic diner dishes

When it comes to classic diner dishes, our favorite is the burger and fries!

Can you really blame us for putting the burger and fries in the number one spot?  It’s what we’re known for at Gunther Toody’s!  Of all the classic diner dishes, a burger and fries is the most iconic and the most loved by Americans.  This simple sandwich started out life as an easy way to eat lunch on the run but blossomed into a major industry and a worldwide phenomenon.  Burgers are not just a favorite dish, they’re a part of American culture.