When parents are dining out with their kids, it’s important they find family friendly restaurants. However finding a restaurant to please and accommodate an entire household can be a daunting task. More importantly, searching for family friendly restaurants doesn’t mean parents have to sacrifice quality fare and eat uninteresting food. Instead, they need to do their homework and find family friendly restaurants that the whole family will enjoy.

A great choice for a family friendly environment is Gunther Toody’s in Littleton.  With classic American fare, unbeatable prices and known for old fashioned fun, Gunther Toody’s should be at the top of a parents list. Rich in history and a mission to support local community and schools, this is the perfect place for kids, grandparents and anyone in-between can enjoy the nostalgia of yesteryear and revel in the classic dining experience.

From the classic burgers, to the milkshakes and sandwiches, Gunther Toody’s offers a wide variety of options that even picky eaters won’t resist.  Hearty plates for breakfast, lunch, and dinner offer tremendous value without sacrificing any quality.  A fun, friendly staff dressed in old fashioned 1950’s attire, and classic tunes on the jukebox make guests feel as if they’ve stepped back in time.

When it comes to choosing a restaurant that the whole family can enjoy, Gunther Toody’s is the place to look.  While the reviews will tell you more than you need to know about the great dining experience you’ll get, stop in and let the food, staff, and nostalgia speak for themselves.