One of the things that we at Gunther Toody’s are proud of is that we support our community and local schools. We do this by hosting fundraising nights and community events at each of our locations for schools, non-profits and other groups in our communities.

The 1950s diner experienceWe take pride in supporting our local schools, organizations and non-profits and feel that community is the foundation of our business. We at Gunther Toody’s strive to be an environment where our guests can sit back, relax, enjoy food and/or drinks with their friends and colleagues comfortably.

Gunther Toody’s is a place where kids, grandparents, teenagers, and anyone in-between can come in and enjoy the atmosphere and 50’s diner experience. We take people back in time to experience what it was like to go to a diner in the 1950’s through our staff, decor and diner food.

There are set guidelines and minimums that must be reached in order for the groups to earn percentages from the night. Please let us know if you are interested in hosting an event at Gunther Toody’s!