How do you define a diner?  Keep reading to discover why we’re the must visit diner in Denver


must visit diner in Denver

Hearty American food like out meatloaf is a big part of what defines a diner.

What makes a diner a diner?  Traditionally a true diner is a prefabricated structure that is built in one location and then transported and installed in another location.  Over time diners evolved into other forms and today the term diner is used a little more loosely.  Usually a diner is defined by other characteristics, rather than just the structure itself.  While Gunther Toody’s locations are all free standing buildings, it is still the must visit diner in Denver.

So depending on who you ask, you’re likely to get a lot of different answers to the question of what exactly makes a diner a diner.  But here’s our list of criteria, and what we think makes Gunther Toody’s the must visit diner in Denver.

  • The Food. Diners are known for simple, but delicious, classic American comfort food.  If anything on the menu has the words “foam” or “deconstructed” in the name, chances are you’re not in a diner.  We’re talking burgers, fries, milkshakes, meatloaf, fried chicken, and hearty breakfast dishes like biscuits and gravy, pancakes, and corned beef hash.
  • Counter Service. Just like classic diners featured a long communal counter for customers to eat at, diners today still have counter service in addition to booths and tables.
  • The Prices.  Diners don’t charge $12.95 for a burger with no side dish.  Period.  A diner is a place where the average American family can afford to eat well without breaking their budget.
  • Great Service. Great service is a hallmark of the diner.  They should know the regulars and their “usual” and treat everyone like a friend.
  • The Atmosphere. Diners are casual and welcoming; the regulars know each other and catch up over coffee.  Not all diners necessarily need to be decorated like one from the 1950’s, although décor does go a long way when you’re honoring the classic diner.  Neon lights, stainless steel, jukeboxes, and memorabilia are a few of the things that give Gunther Toody’s a distinct atmosphere and part of what makes us a must visit diner in Denver.
  • Coffee.  A diner and its patrons are fueled by endless cups of coffee.

If you’d like to experience the must visit diner in Denver and see how we fit the bill, come visit us at Gunther Toody’s!