The rise in family restaurants started after World War II and has grown into an important part of the food service industry.

Family restaurants are a major part of the food industry.  Millions of parents look for places where they can bring their children to get an affordable meal in a relaxed atmosphere.  While at one point it was very rare to find children dining out, today the family restaurant is a fixture in American society.

In the 1700’s it wasn’t uncommon for wealthy families to send a servant out to pick up dinner at a local establishment, which was eaten at home.  As dining out became more popular over the years it remained largely something done by adults, who were primarily men.  By the mid 1800’s there were some restaurants that catered to women, and they sometimes brought children along with them.  Those establishments that did attract families had reserved private rooms that were away from the bar and the commotion of a main dining area.

By the early 1900’s tea rooms became popular with women, which allowed for another place for children to dine.  These types of restaurants started to cater to children and put more focus on giving them a good experience.

After World War I restaurants became cleaner and more informal and they stopped serving alcohol due to prohibition.  This caused a boom in the restaurant industry. As more people purchased cars it wasn’t uncommon for the family to go out for a drive and finish with a meal in a restaurant.  Menus just for children started popping up all over.

Cafeterias became popular in the 1930’s and they were a natural choice for families.  After World War II incomes were high and society became more family friendly.  Fast food was on the rise and the family restaurant was taking shape.

During the 1960’s many homes had working mothers and fathers, so the family restaurant concept really started to grow.  By the 1990’s the restaurant industry had grown to accommodate the rising trend of dining out and many casual, affordable restaurants with children’s menus gained popularity.

Gunther Toody’s has been proudly serving families in the Denver and Colorado Springs areas for over three decades.  We offer delicious classic diner food at affordable prices in a fun, family friendly atmosphere.  Bring the kids in for a free meal on Mondays, or on Wednesday for 50 cent burgers.  Gunther Toody’s is the perfect choice for a family restaurant.


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A classic 1950’s diner like Gunther Toody’s makes the perfect family restaurant.