There’s no need to wonder ‘where’s the beef’ with these heavyweight burger challenges.

How are you celebrating National Hamburger Month?  Are you creating your own signature burgers at home?  Or are you going to Gunther Toody’s for a delicious burger in Denver or Colorado Springs?  People celebrate our favorite sandwich a lot of different ways, including by taking on incredible burger challenges. All around the world people attempt to eat enormous burgers, sometimes for prizes, but mostly for bragging rights.

At the Clinton Station Diner in Clinton, NJ, brave burger fans can take on the 8th Wonder Challenge.  This one tips the scales at 105 pounds, 28 inches in diameter and 11.5 inches tall.  Teams of ten people have only 60 minutes to conquer the 8th Wonder and those who succeed are awarded handsomely with a $5,000 cash prize!  So far the money remains unclaimed because no team has ever won the challenge.

The Filling Station in Miami offers Adam’s 18-Wheeler, a tower of nine burgers, nine onion rings, and 18 slices of cheese.  If you can eat the whole thing in one hour the $31 burger is yours for free!  Also in Miami, Burger and Beer Joint serves up the ten pound Mother Burger challenge.  If you finish the whole thing in two hours you get the burger for free.

It’s not just in America that people seek their fame and fortune in burger challenges.  Across the ocean in Exeter, England at Exeter’s Urban Burger Restaurant they offer a monster burger made up of seven 6-ounce patties, 14 slices of bacon, 7 slices of cheese, and a pile of fries on the side.  Those who can defeat the challenge in 20 minutes get a free meal and a t-shirt.

At Gunther Toody’s we might not have a 100-pound burger challenge, but we know you’ll find a few favorites from our selection of 13 delicious burgers!


burger challenge

At Gunther Toody’s we challenge you to try every delicious burger on our menu!