Did you know that Meadow Gold Ice Cream, one of the oldest ice cream companies in America, makes all of our ice creams exclusively for us? During the Silver Panic of 1893, George E Haskell and William M. Bosworth lost their jobs with the Fremont Butter and Egg Company, so they started their own firm in Beatrice, Nebraska.

Meadow Gold VIntage

Initially, the firm purchased butter, eggs, poultry and produce from local farmers for resale to manufacturers and distributors. Later they began churning their own butter and distributing it to area grocery stores, restaurants and hotels with their own equipment. By 1907 the company built its first ice cream plant and their first milk plant was established right here in Denver in 1923.

Ice Cream Sundae

After an employee contest to search for a name to describe the golden quality of their fresh creamery butter, a patent was granted for the trademark of the name “Meadow Gold”. Meadow Gold ice cream is available at Gunther Toody’s  and in our Double Rich Malted and Shakes, our Black Cow Root Beer Float, and our famous Ice Cream Sundae. If you haven’t tried it, come on in!!!