Come Enjoy Your Favorite Classic Brunch Cocktails

Whatever your palate, you’ll likely find that your brunch menu isn’t quite complete without a delicious and refreshing drink. So, what are the most common brunch beverages? The all-time favorites for Denver brunch-goers are Mimosas, Bloody Mary’s, and California Suns.

The Ever Popular Mimosa

There are few things more popular during brunch in Denver than Mimosas. There is just something about the light, sweet refreshment of this drink that Colorado natives (and visitors) enjoy. But where did this drink originate, and how did it get its catchy name?

There are two stories that are generally accepted for the origins of this alcoholic concoction. One suggestion states that the beverage was invented in 1925 at the Ritz Hotel in Paris. The more widely accepted explanation, though, is that a French bartender captured the idea from a London tavern that calls the nearly identical mixture “Buck’s Fizz.” Either way, the name Mimosa comes from the beautiful bright orange or yellow Mimosa flower native to southern Mexico and Central and South America.

The Tart and Pungent Bloody Marybest spot for brunch in denver

If sweet and bright isn’t quite your style, there is always the Bloody Mary with just as interesting an origin as its sunny counterpart. Much like the mimosa, there are a number of stories behind the history of the Bloody Mary; however, the most popular supposition is that the cocktail’s original creator was a bartender named Fernand “Pete” Petiot, who worked in the famous Harry’s New York Bar in Paris. Following prohibition, Petiot introduced the drink to Manhattan at King Cole Bar at the St. Regis Hotel. For a time, the drink was renamed the “Red Snapper,” but the historic name prevails, and the Bloody Mary is alive and well.

The zesty and flavorful Bloody Mary is a nice complement to any number of brunch foods.

The Bright and Sunny California Sun

The California Sun, also known as the Tequila Sunrise, is a combo of tequila, orange juice, and grenadine served unmixed – a perfect representation of a sunrise. The drink originated first originated in the 1930s in Arizona and was remixed in California in the 1970s. Obviously, it received its name for its characteristic appearance, like that of the gradations of color in a sunrise.

While each of these cocktails features its own unique flavor, they are all perfectly flavored for enjoying at a midday brunch. The sweetness and brightness of both the Mimosa and California Sun mimic orange juice and is a nice treat for those with an affinity for sweeter drink options.

If you’re looking for Mimosas in Denver or any other brunch-like cocktail, be sure to stop by Gunther Toody’s Diner. You’ll be able to enjoy these historic drinks in American Classic style.