Mother's Day

Mother’s Day will be here this Sunday, May 10th!

It has been said that there is nothing as powerful as a mother’s love and once a year, on the second Sunday in May, we have an opportunity to repay that love by honoring the mothers in our lives. There have been different variations on the idea of a day to celebrate mothers since the earliest civilizations, but the idea took shape in the United States shortly after the Civil War as a way of honoring the sacrifices mother’s mothers make for their children.

Anna Jarvis, a single woman without any children of her own, believed that it was important to have a national holiday that recognized women. She reached out to John Wanamaker, a Philadelphia religious leader and owner of the famed Wanamaker’s department store and with his backing created the first Mother’s Day celebration in May 1908. She then began petitioning newspapers and politicians to adopt a special day to honor mothers and in 1914, shortly before the beginning of World War I, President Woodrow Wilson established the second Sunday in May as the official Mother’s Day holiday.

We at Gunther Toody’s think we should be honoring our mother’s every day and would love to have you join us anytime you want to celebrate with Mom.