The Irish are know for a few things; their drinking, their music, and their coffee. You haven’t ever really associated Ireland with coffee? Well, you definitely should, and what better time to familiarize yourself with the Irish’s java than National Irish Coffee Day? January 25th is officially National Irish Coffee Day, and whether you’re a native to Ireland, stopping by for a visit, or just happen to be a coffee addict who needs an excuse for having yet another cup of joe before noon, this holiday is a great way to try out something coffee in denver

Irish coffee isn’t just a regular cup of coffee, but instead a cocktail that consists of any hot coffee stirred with Irish whiskey, and sugar topped with thick cream. The drink is consumed through the cream, and it was conceived during the 1940s by a man named Joe Sheridan when, during a miserable voyage on a Pan Am flying boat, he added whiskey to the coffee to warm passengers. When they thought they were drinking “Brazilian coffee,” Joe remarked that it wasn’t that but, “Irish coffee.”

So, I suppose the Irish’s love of a good drink isn’t so disassociated from the holiday after all. Nevertheless, stop by Gunther Toody’s and see if we can whip you up one of the coffee drinks that’s been going strong for over 70 years now.