When you are on the hunt for a classic American meal, like old fashioned burgers and sandwiches, there is nowhere better to go than Gunther Toody’s. This is a 1950’s style diner that serves everything you have come to expect from these types of establishments. At Gunther Toody’s, you can get classic meals such as The Original Burger, French Dip Sandwich, Four Cheese Grill, BLT, Chicken Tenders and Blue Ribbon Meatloaf.

At Gunther Toody’s, pride ourselves on being friendly and readily available for our customers.  We are open every Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 6am to 9pm. On Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, we stay open from 6am to 10pm. This restaurant serves breakfast, lunch and dinner, offering up so many different kinds of foods that there is bound to be something here for everyone, even picky eaters.  Kids and adults alike will love Gunther Toody’s.

When you step into Gunther Toody’s, you will automatically be treated to a staff that makes you feel welcomed, and back 60 years in time. From the hostess to the waiters and waitresses, everyone is very friendly and professional, and dressed in 50’s character.

With an extensive menu for Kids and signature Bloody Marys and Mimosas, Gunther Toody’s is a restaurant in the Denver area that is truly family oriented. When guests stop in for a bite to eat, they know that they are getting delicious food mixed with excellent customer service, and a bit of nostalgia to take away. These are just a few reasons why Gunther Toody’s is the best classic style diner in Denver. Come in today to experience it for yourself.