Want to cut a few calories during the holidays?  Ask for egg whites or try some of these other tips to help you pick a healthy breakfast in a restaurant.

The holiday season is officially here and for most of us that means a LOT of indulging!  Be it with candy, cookies, drinks, cheese, or gravy, most of us tend to stop counting calories and start enjoying all the goodies.  We also dine out a lot during the holidays because we’re going to parties, shopping for gifts, and just too busy to cook.  Here are some easy ways you can pick a healthy in Denver breakfast restaurants that can help you save some calories here and there.

  1. Ask your server if the kitchen can substitute egg whites or Egg Beaters (or other similar product).
  2. Opt for whole grain bread where possible.
  3. Look for the “lighter options” section on the menu.
  4. Ask for fruit as your side dish instead of hashbrowns.
  5. Choose an omelette or scramble that is packed with veggies.
  6. Choose meats that are lower in fat like Canadian bacon or ham, instead of bacon or sausage.
  7. Ask for high fat items like butter and whipped cream to be on the side so you can control how much you use. Or skip the butter completely.
  8. Pass on items smothered in gravy, cheese and other high fat sauces.


pick a healthy breakfast in a restaurant

Go heavy on the veggies if you want to pick a healthy breakfast in a restaurant.