New Orleans has the Muffuletta and Kentucky has the Hot Brown, but is there a unique regional sandwich in Denver?

Cities and regions all over the country have their various specialties that set them apart from everywhere else.  Regional cuisine is part of what makes American food so interesting and is an important part of our cultural history.  Green chile is one such dish that is unique to Denver and the Rocky Mountain region.   We also have the Denver omelette.  But is there a regional specialty sandwich in Denver?

The Muffuletta sandwich is a specialty that started in New Orleans, although enjoyed around the country now.  Maine and other northeastern states have the lobster roll and Florida has the Cuban sandwich.  In Kentucky they have the Hot Brown; an open faced hot turkey sandwich topped with a cheese sauce, bacon and tomatoes.  Some sandwiches are even more specific to a certain area, like the Mother-in-Law sandwich found in the south side of Chicago which consists of a corn tamale served in a hot dog bun and topped with chili.

Can you think of a regional specialty sandwich in Denver?  There are a number of types of sandwiches that are popular in this area, like the Mexican torta and the classic submarine style.  But is there a sandwich in Denver that was created here and unique to our city?  Some may say it is the fabled Denver sandwich, which is basically the omelette of the same name served between two slices of bread.  Legend has it that the Denver sandwich could have been invented in 1907 by restaurant owners Albert A. McVittie or M.D. Looney, but there is no proof in either case.  Unlike the omelette, the Denver sandwich is rarely found nowadays.

Gunther Toody’s serves a number of popular American sandwiches and they may not have been invented in Denver, but we think they’re pretty special.  Come in to one of our locations and try our pork tenderloin sandwich or maybe a Monte Cristo.  We also make a delicious smothered meatloaf sandwich and a classic double-decker club.  If you’re looking for a great sandwich in Denver, Gunther Toody’s has you covered!


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