It’s like stepping back into the 50’s when you walk into Gunther Toody’s. You will hear the jukebox playing as you are ushered to your seat and as you look over the menu, you will likely get the feeling that you are about to have the best classic lunch in Denver.

As you listen to the 50’s music in the background, you may not be surprised to see the the Fonze and Richie Cunningham walk through the door.

The menu is fun and offers many selections such as, Blue Suede Shoe burger and the Big Bopper. The Jalapeño Fries are great and the homemade malts and milkshakes are amazing. If you’re not in the mood for burgers, the Tuna Melt is fantastic, or you can always go for the Chicken Fried Steak or some Fish and Chips. There’s even a Veggie Burger and Veggie Melt if don’t care much for meat. The Sweet Potato Fries are very tasty, as well as the Onion Rings.

If you come in on a Wednesday, you will be pleasantly be surprised to find that the special is “buy one burger and get one for 50 cents.” Even without the special the overall prices are very affordable, making this a great place to take the family out to eat.

To top it off, the service is great and the staff is very upbeat and friendly.  Dressed in character, it’s as if you’re back in the 50’s era. In fact, the staff is one of the greatest contributors to the experience of an overall fun loving family restaurant for kids and adults. If you enjoy eating good old fashioned food in a nostalgic environment, Gunther Toody’s is the place for you.