Poodle Skirt

Every high school girl in the mid fifties owned a poodle skirt. It was probably the first teenage only fashion trend – after all, no self-respecting adult woman would wear a felt skirt with poodles appliqued on it! With the rise of rock n roll and the introduction of Sock Hops at schools, girls wanted something that would allow them to twirl and twist to the beat.

When rock ‘n’ roll music exploded onto the social scene of the 1950s, dancers wanted less restrictive clothing that would allow them to move more freely to the beat. Thus the iconic poodle skirt was born. For many teenage girls, it was an outfit they could make themselves and customize to fit their personality. Simply a large circular piece of felt fabric with a whole cut out for the waist, cinched with a wide belt, and appliqued with anything from musical notes to dice and hot rods – a perfect expression of a teenager’s individuality

The typical school outfit for young teenage girls was a poodle skirt paired with a cardigan sweaters, neck scarf, white bobby socks, and, of course, saddle shoes. Today, the poodle skirt remains one of the most iconic pieces of American fashion.